World Eye Day (Sight Day)- Celebration, Activities, Themes, Logos

World Eye Day

World Eye Day – Do you know how many peoples are blind on earth? Let me tell you, According to the reports of IAPD (Internation Agency for Prevention of Blindness – For More Information Click Here), around 36 Million peoples are blind on earth. The World Eye Day was celebrated for these peoples who are suffering from Blindness.

Apart from 36 Million peoples, most of the other peoples are suffering from several types of disease, there lots of dies every ear and lots of suffering. they all know how to deal with diseases, but we all need to take care of them, our responsibility towards them to make happy and arrange joyful events for them so that they feel happy at least one day.

Do you know what’s the best part of our society is, let me tell you, Every time they are ready to help each other in any way like a contribution to events like World Sight Day and arrange all the necessary goods for all suffered peoples.

I have one surprise for you, which I want to discuss later in this article, but now I am going to start discussing World Sight Day, that when and where we celebrate World Sight Day, what are the activities that peoples do on this special day.

About World Eye Day (Also Called World Sight Day)

World eye day is celebrated on 11th October every year, this is an annual event eye donation awareness camp which was held in all parts of our country, to generate the global attention towards blindness. If you think that these peoples organize this type of events just to get attention towards him, then you are totally wrong. they don’t want any attention, but they only want to help those peoples who suffered from blindness.

These type of peoples think that by just putting a small effort in the life of suffered peoples will make them happy at least one day, on that day they don’t remember her disease, they only want to feel the happiness that was around them.

What Do People Do On World Eye Day

  • who invented World Sight Day first?

Well! the answer is  It was originally initiated by the SightFirstCampaign of Lions Club International Foundation in 2000.

Generally, World Health Organisation (WHO), who organized this event every year almost all over the country and with WHO, IAPB (International agency for prevention of blindness) is actively involved in coordinating in activities and events for World Sight Day. there are many other associations too who help this event to promote eye donation awareness in our country.

Let me ask you one thing do you know why these big communities come together to promote Blindness day.

Many communities, a non-profit organization, and association work together with IAPB and WHO to promote them for the following reasons.

  • One of the main motives of these communities is to spread the awareness of Blindness that this is the major international health issue.
  • well! another role is to influence government and other local peoples to make the fund for those who suffer from Blindness.
  • To educate target audiences about blindness prevention is also one of the main motives of these associations.

What are the major activities that peoples really want to do at this special event?

  • While we all know there are the many reasons to celebrate blindness day, different people have different strategies to celebrate this event, most of the peoples celebrate this event by just planting the tree at different places.
  • while some people involved in this event by making posters that will be used to create international posters montage focusing on the theme of blindness.
  • there are the other activities that people loved to do that on this event like reading books for blind peoples, special fundraising walks to help cover the costs of operations in order to raise the awareness of this issue.

A conclusion of World Eye Day

Well we all know that Blindness is one of the serious concern of our country, to the awareness of this issue is very must, you all need to do something interesting on World Eye Day that will create the immense effect on the others who are not serious about this issue.  So, at last, I want to ask you a question, what are the plans of you guys on World Sight Day, Lete me know in the comment.

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