Why we doesn’t have uber toll free contact number support?

uber toll free contact number

You all know that uber is very user-friendly with there customers in terms of getting a ride and paying for it. Do you know why uber is user-friendly? this is because you already know the uber app is so easy to use anyone can use this app and get a ride. but uber has a very big drawback, if you ever try to contact uber for support, then you may find that uber put a big wall between customer and uber service, so all I am saying is yet we don’t have uber toll free contact number or uber doesn’t provide us Uber contact number.

well, it’s not that easy for uber to provide contact number support. no one knows the right answer of this that why uber doesn’t have contact phone number support. below you will get to know how uber support us without providing us any toll-free number support.

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3 Reasons why uber toll free contact number are not there with us

uber toll free contact number
uber toll free contact number

There are the many big reasons that why we don’t have uber contact number support, let’s discuss the 3 ways.

Note:- please note here the review we are going to provide is according to the customer viewpoint, like when someone uses uber and feel the same problem that he can’t able to connect uber directly and then he makes his feedback on the uber website or uber app. so let’s start discussing the viewpoints.

First reason

One of the big reason why we do not have uber toll free contact number support is that uber cannot handle the huge call volume, right now uber has more than 50M users, these are very huge numbers, so it’s like impossible for uber to provide a contact number support.

Second reason

According to the customer review, uber don’t want to talk to you directly, because they only want to talk through email or just putting some question and answer then send you to copy and paste responses which may or may not have anything to do with your question.

Third reason

The main reason why Uber doesn’t have a toll-free number is that partner-drivers tend to call while driving. Uber highly discourage such action because it might lead to an accident. That’s why we only have email support. If the question/concern cannot be covered in the email, we schedule callback when drivers/riders aren’t on the road (because drivers need to use both hands while composing an email, hence drivers will be forced to park for a moment for them to be able to contact Uber support).

There is no uber toll-free contact number, You can’t call uber directly

it’s like frustrating that yet we don’t have the uber contact numbersupport, there is no uber phone number where you can simply call and share your query with uber-agent. I know many of you are frustrating and feel helpless, but this is the truth that you can’t call uber if still, you are facing issue with contacting uber then you need to visit help.uber.com. this is the link of the uber app because from there you can easily contact uber for support.

Does anyone think that contacting the Uber driver is a good idea? 

No contacting uber driver after getting the ride is not a good idea, yes can call driver if you forgot something in their car if you have any issue other the other than to coordinate with you to retrieve a lost item. then uber driver can’t help you, for the same you need to go to uber official app and then go to help section, I am sure there you will find your answer, if you still can’t able to find the solution then please do comment we will try our best to help you our regarding the issue with uber.

so that’s why contacting uber driver is not a good idea after the ride is over, the driver doesn’t have any control over the price you pay for the ride.

See there is one phone number inside the uber app, but this number is only for emergency or some serious complaints only.  if you have some ordinary issues then don’t call on that number, because you won’t get any customer service with some simple inquiries.  you should only use these number if you have wanted some serious safety-related assistance.


We all know that Uber is one the big transport company in the world, but it also has a drawback, that we can’t get an uber toll free contact number support directly, this is the truth of uber. so don’t blame the driver for any ordinary support. he is also helping less regarding the same. so there is only the one way to contacting uber is from there app.

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